1. There is one great Infinite Being which we call variously God, Lord, the Creator, the Almighty, and so on.
2. This Infinite Being began to lower some of His/Her/It’s vibrations. (See Hylozoism) and so this Universe was Created.
3. This Being, the Creator, created us in It’s Image and so we are creative beings. (More about this another time.)
4. We are beings of varying degrees of consciousness. The more we grow in consciousness, the more we can know of this Great Being.
5. Growing in consciousness has been called: The Path to Enlightenment; The Razor Edged Path; The Way to the Kingdom and so on.
6. This is WHY we are here. This is our PURPOSE in life – to achieve Nirvana; to Gain the Kingdom, and so forth.
7. We accomplish this by putting ourselves in Harmony and Resonating with the Laws of God, which we know as The Will of God.
8. We have been told that this may be done through Study, Meditation and Service.
9. We know we are in Harmony with the Will of God when we have eliminated all negativity and our consciousness is no longer bound in our physical being.
10. Thus we have achieved our initial goal and continue to grow into the Great Spiritual Beings that we are.

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My Book


I am excited to announce that my book has recently been published. It is called: Metaphysics: The Light Side. It is based on a class that I taught for several years at the Free School, Va. Tech University. The following is a quote from the foreword by Dr. Daniel J. Schneck, Professor Emeritus of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Emeritus Head of Biomedical Engineering, Virginia Tech.

“Charlie Weiss’s class in Metaphysics embodies practical approaches to living effectively and meaningfully. He uses what I call “Readers Digest Language” to bring fundamental concepts down to earth in an uncomplicated way…and he interjects humor in a very timely manner…”

The book is available at this website as well as “Amazon” and “Barnes and Noble”. I have presented the major concepts of Metaphysics in as clear, understandable, and light-hearted manner as possible. Those who have read the book said they have found it be very informational and enjoyable.

Charles J. Weiss

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The Eastern philosophies speak of the Real and the Unreal. Another way of putting that is Reality and Illusion. They say that this world is Unreal or an Illusion. We have difficulty with that concept because the world around us seems all too real. It’s solid. It has existence. How can they say that it is illusion? Is it all in the eye of the beholder?

There was a very famous tailor living in New York who was said to make the finest suits in the city. In order to get a suit made by Abe, the Tailor, you had to put your name on a very long waiting list. Max was on such a list. He knew that Abe, the Tailor was very expensive, but he thought it would be worth it just to be able to show the suit off to his friends and say, “This suit was made by Abe, the Tailor.” And, of course he would actually have a suit made by the most famous tailor in all the land. If he was the best in New York, it followed he must be the best in all the land. That’s what New Yorker’s say, anyhow.

Finally, Max’s turn had come. He had gone to Abe, the Tailor and Abe, the Tailor had measured him up and had called just this morning to say that the suit was ready and Max should come and pick it up
Max was very excited when he entered Abe, the Tailor’s Shop. Abe held up the finished suit for Max to admire and you could see that it was made of the finest materials. Max went into the fitting room and tried on the suit.

He came out of the fitting room and he could tell that some things were not quite right. “Abe,” he said, the sleeve, it’s a little too long on the right side.” Abe said, “It’s not the sleeve. You have to lift up your shoulder and stretch out your arm and it will fit perfectly.” “But the back,” Max said, “it’s pushed out in the back.” “No problem.” says Abe, “Just hunch up your back and lean forward a little bit.” “But the jacket doesn’t close right in the front.” says Max, whereupon Abe replies, “Just twist your left side forward and down a little bit and it will be perfect.” Max follows these instructions and Abe is now satisfied that it is a perfect fit.

Max is now walking down the street with his new suit on, his right shoulder lifted up with his right arm stretched out, his back hunched up as he leans slightly forward and his left side twisted forward and down a little bit when he bumps into Marvin, an old friend of his. “How do like the suit?” asks Max, “It was made by Abe, the Tailor. Isn’t he a wonderful Tailor?

Marvin walks all around Max and examines the suit very carefully. Finally, nodding his head as he speaks, Marvin agrees, “Yes, he’d have to be to fit a cripple like you.”

What’s real and what’s illusion? Things are not always what they appear to be. To Max, the suit was perfect. To Marvin, Max was a cripple; and to Abe…well, who knows what Abe was thinking? The Eastern philosopher will say, “Who cares what they thought? None of it is Real. It’s all an Illusion.”

Let us take a little mental journey back in time. A time before Television, before Radio, before the Wireless, before, in fact, the discovery of electricity and magnetic fields. Way back in time to primitive man. What is Real to this primitive man? What he can see. What he can touch. (Alright, this goes for the she’s also.) What she can see. What she can touch. (OK if I go back to the he’s?) What he can smell. What he can taste. What he can hear. Basically, whatever he can experience through his five senses. That’s what he can know; what we call the exoteric world, the world around him. Sure, he knows that there are things he doesn’t know: why the wind blows, why it rains, what is thunder and lightning, and any number of other things, but if you were to tell him that people could communicate with each other over long distances, that you could turn on a little box and listen to music, he would think that you were crazy. All of the things that we take for granted would be considered esoteric, part of the things that you don’t know that you don’t know.

We have two worlds then: one exoteric: that which can be experienced by the five senses or extensions thereof, e.g. microscopes, telescopes, etc. in other words, the objective world, that which to some is the only world.—the other esoteric; that which cannot be experienced in that way, a hidden world that may require a sixth sense, a seventh, eighth or greater sense, or other instruments that have not yet been discovered. We may be like the cave man to some future man. There is still so much that we don’t know that we don’t know.

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I am you and you are me and we are all together. I am the egg man. I am the walrus. Goo goo ga joob.”
- The Beatles
All for one and one for all – Dumas
[and all are one - me]

Hylozoism is an actual word that has an actual meaning. It is the theory that there is no such thing as dead matter. In other words, everything is alive.
I have developed a kind of “proof” that this is so. One thing: We begin with this premise: that there is an Infinite, Omnipresent, Omniscient Being that we call the Creator, God, or whatever name you choose. If you do not accept this premise, don’t read any further.

Now if you will indulge me, I am going to do the impossible. I will circumscribe infinity and ask you to use your imagination in accepting that this circle represents all that there is — Infinity.


There it is—the Infinite, the All, the There-is-Nothing-Else. Now visualize a time before time existed. A time before space existed. A time when nothing existed except this Great Being. And this Great Being began to think, and for this Great Being to think, was, for Him, to Create. What He thought came into Being, and in His Mind He pictured the vast Universe. And, as He thought about it, it began to form, and after what we would consider long periods of time (of course time did not exist yet) the galaxies, the suns, the planets, the moons, the asteroids, and all that there is, appeared, as did life forms of all kinds, and this Creation was sustained until the present day. And now for the $64,000,000,000,000,000,000 question: Out of what materials did the Creator create the Universe? Here, we have two symbols for infinity:

Does this imply that the Creator took the material from one of these infinities for use in the other infinity? Not possible, you say? I agree. Infinite is infinite, and it must include all. There could not be two infinities. Therefore, there is only one place that this Infinite Being could have gotten the resources used to create the Universe, and that was from within Itself, because there was nothing else! There also cannot be anything that is not part of God, because — you guessed it — God is Infinite! So you see, one of these infinities has got to go. Erase it. It doesn’t exist. The Baghavad Gita says, “Having pervaded the world with a fraction of Myself, I yet remain.”

Since everything and everyone is made of God, there is therefore no such thing as dead matter. No part of God is dead. God is all in all. And so —Hylozoism!

(Quote from Paul Brunton) – “If there were any part of the universe, or anything in the universe, or any creature in the universe, without God in its essence, then the universe could not have been manifested by God…”

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Do you believe it? Do you really, really believe it? Deep down in your heart – to the very fiber of your being – do you believe it? WHY? Did you ever ask yourself why? Probably not. Cause if you believe it, you just believe it. You don’t question it. You just know that it’s so. Don’t you? Sure you do. It has become part of what I call your “Body of Truths”. So you don’t question it. In fact you question anything that conflicts with it.

BIG PROBLEM HERE – If it is a belief – It is just a belief and it may or may not be true! That may be difficult to accept. As a Metaphysicist, we are seekers of truth and we can’t accept anything as true unless we KNOW that it is true. There is that word again. KNOWING. The way you know something is true is to experience it yourself – or there is enough evidence to convince you it is true. You don’t have to experience everything. For example, I don’t have to slam my fist into a brick wall to know that I will hurt myself. I’ve had enough experience bumping into hard things to know that it hurts.

I asked you earlier – where did your belief come from. From parents? Relatives? Peers? Books? TV? Ministers? Why is this important? Because you conduct your life according to your Body of Truths. If some of that Body is false, then every time you weigh an idea against that false belief – you come to a false conclusion.

The following is a case in point: (excerpt from my book)

This is a true story. It sounds like a joke. I’m sure it is a joke, though it was not meant to be, but it actually happened. Many years ago I was working in, of all places, an aircraft factory. It was in the winter and I innocently said to no one in particular, “It feels like snow.” If you’ve never heard that expression, what I meant was, “It feels like it’s going to snow.” Whereupon this fellow pipes up, “Nope, it’s not going to snow. It’s too cold to snow.” So I said. What do you mean, it’s too cold to snow? “Just what I said,” he replies, “It’s too cold to snow.” “Does it snow in Alaska?” I asked? “Does it snow at the North Pole? At the South Pole? In the Himalayan Mountains?” I was sure that I had him. “Yup”, he agreed, “It snows in all those places, but it’s not gonna snow here and now because it’s too cold to snow.” “But isn’t it a lot colder in those places that I just mentioned, and doesn’t it snow there?” I shouted because by this time I was becoming aggravated. (Don’t hold this against me, I didn’t know any better way back then.) And, of course, his reply was, “IT’S TOO COLD TO SNOW!” The story doesn’t quite end there. About an hour later, it began to snow quite heavily. Triumphantly, I searched for and found this guy, pointed at the snow and said, “Aha!” with this big grin of victory on my face, “See the snow? It’s snowing. It’s snowing.” Whereupon he said to me knowingly, “Yup, temperature must have gone up.”

Did he Know something that no-one else did, or was this a Belief he picked up somehow, somewhere?

If you closely examine your own Body of Truths, how many “Too cold’s to snow” will you find there? How many “Beliefs” and how many “Knowings”? A good question that may produce some interesting and valuable answers.

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“Ah So” and let it go

Many, many years ago, in a small village in China, Chan Ning was rudely awakened by a loud pounding on his door. When he opened his door, he saw standing there an official of the town, holding a newborn infant. With him, was Li Hua, a lovely young girl whom Chan Ning had never seen before.

“Li Hua has accused you of being the father of this boy and therefore he is your responsibility.” Chan Ning, being the wise and gentle man that he was, accepted the boy, saying only, “Ah so.”

Truth was that Li Hua had been raped by a ruffian named Tan Qiang, who told her he would kill her if she ever accused him of this terrible deed. Li Hua, afraid for her life, could only think of the kindest man she new of, and so named Chan Ning.

Sixteen years went by and Chan Ning raised the boy, loving him as his own son, teaching him the kind and gentle ways of life. Now it seems that Tan Qiang had been murdered in a street fight. Li Hua, now freed of the fear of being killed and having suffered with a guilty conscience all these years, went to the town officials and told them the true story of what had happened.

Now knowing that a terrible wrong had been committed, they went to Chan Ning and apologized, telling him that he was no longer responsible for the boy. Chan Ning accepted the apology, saying only, “Ah so.”

End of story.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. When things go wrong and seem unfair, don’t get yourself all stressed out. Be like Chan Ning and say, “Ah so” and let it go.

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Defining Metaphysics

I think it might be a good idea to attempt to define Metaphysics. Notice I said attempt! As far as I know, the prefix “meta” means “beyond” or “transcending.” In that context, the word Metaphysics would mean “beyond physics” — which is still somewhat meaningless. It may be true, but it doesn’t help us very much.

Metaphysics is sometimes described as “The Science of Esotericism.” Since the word esoteric means hidden, this hardly clarifies things, so I looked up Metaphysics in the American Heritage Dictionary, and, to my surprise, found something resembling what Metaphysics is actually about. Of course, if you don’t already know what Metaphysics is about, this definition is definitely lacking. Here it is: “The branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value.” What???!!!

Oh well…The problem in defining Metaphysics is that it includes so many varied topics that the best we can do is list some of these and hope that will begin to give you some idea of what Metaphysics is all about.

So, In no particular order, here they are: Auras; the Constitution of Man; The Seven Planes; HYLOZOISM (this is in caps because it is so important); Reincarnation; Karma; Edgar Cayce; Cleve Backster (a man who communicates with plants); THOUGHT-FORMS (very important); The Astral Plane (actually one of the seven); being the OBSERVER (Also important); Other Evolutions; Our Own Evolution; Ascended Beings; Psychic Phenomena….I’m sure there are more, but these will do to start.

If some, or all of these are unfamiliar to you, be patient. More will follow and all will be explained.

To be continued……..

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On Listening

A number of years ago, the well-known Indian philosopher, Krishnamurti was giving a lecture at Carnegie Hall in New York. There were well over a thousand people that had come to hear the great man speak, and when Krishnamurti took the stage the audience waited in hushed anticipation. Krishnamurti stood quietly for a moment, just looking out at his audience, and then he spoke. He said, “I’m not going to tell you people anything, because you don’t know how to listen.”

There was a murmur in the audience and people glanced at one another questioningly. Some of them had traveled a great distance and had gone to considerable trouble to be there. They did not know what to make of what Krishnamurti had just said. Some people were annoyed, thinking to themselves, “I know how to listen.” Some were just puzzled.

Krishnamurti continued, “No, you don’t know how to listen. When someone speaks to you, or you are reading a book, what you do is listen to your own thoughts. You take my words and you lay them against your own thoughts. If what I say happens to agree with those thoughts, then you think, “This Krishnamurti is alright, he is a wise man.” If what I say disagrees with those thoughts, then you think, “Why did I bother coming here?, this man does not know what he is talking about.”

Next time you are attending a lecture, or having a conversation, or reading a book —see if Krishnamurti is right. You may be surprised.

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What is Metaphysics, and how is it related to spirituality?

The study of Metaphysics informs us that there are energies at a vibrational level that go beyond what is measurable in the physical world, either through personal observation or through mechanical means – that is, instruments capable of sensing and reading very subtle energies. Furthermore, this world about us is an outward manifestation of these energies. So, it follows that the more we can understand about these energies the greater will be our understanding of the world around us. I’m not going to present highly technical information with complex mathematical formulas. I’m going to present the very practical aspects of these energies and give you some tools to work with them so you can put them to use in your own life. Since they are difficult to measure, the only way you are going to know if what I tell you is true or not is for you to work with these tools and see what happens. Experiment. Prove them or disprove them, but you have to be persistent and consistent. Don’t come to me and say, “I tried it once and it didn’t work.” If Edison had used that approach, you would be reading this in the dark.

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